Maghreb Publications is an independently owned publisher, specialising in history, social sciences, women’s studies, literary studies, islamic law and philosophy, education, archaeology, religion and anthropolgy. It will publish works covering time periods from medieval to modern eras focused on the Maghreb, the Middle East, Africa and the global Muslim diaspora.
    Maghreb Publications will only consider original manuscripts. We aim for wide accessibility, and will publish most titles in cloth and paperback editions, at a price which scholars, students and the interested public can afford. We are working to develop an effective plan for electronic marketing, and for distribution in key markets around the world.



How to submit a proposal for publication

We welcome proposals for consideration before submission of a manuscript. Proposals should be no more than four to five pages long and should include: a brief synopsis of the main argument and objectives of the work; estimated word or page length (double-spaced); intended readership; short descriptive paragraphs of each chapter; and an estimated deadline for completion of the work if the proposal is accepted. In addition to this, a brief curriculum vitae is also required. This should present the author’s educational background and research experience, and mention important publications and academic presentations.
    When we do accept a proposal we will give the author detailed instructions on questions of format and style, and on the digital preparation of the text. The final manuscript will be reviewed by specialists in the relevant field before final acceptance. We will also provide details at that time on author’s royalties.

Recently completed theses

Authors of recently completed theses are encouraged to contact us with proposals, but they should be aware that even the best thesis requires full revision and updating before being sucessfully transformed into a book. We advise that, as well as listening to the suggestions of supervisors and examiners, the most important thing is to seek the reaction of a wide range of colleagues before approaching us.

Re-editions and translations

We will consider proposals for re-editions of out of print works relevant to our fields of interest. These should include an introduction presenting the work in light of the most recent developments in the field. We will also consider proposals for translations of works, particularly from Arabic into English. In such a case, a synopsis of the work, and a sample translation, accompanied by the original Arabic text should be provided.

Multi-author texts

Multi-author texts are typically the products of academic conferences. If you are interested in discussing the publication of such a text you should get in touch with us initially before the conference.

PLEASE NOTE: We do not accept unsolicited manuscripts.We only accept proposals.